The history behind poffertjes is century’s old.  Thought to date back to the French Revolution, the legend goes that their roots lie in religion, with ‘poffertjes’ being made by French monks to be served as a form of host in their Abbey.

Visiting Dutch merchants tasted this new type of host at communion, saw its potential and bought the recipe from the monks.  On returning home they commissioned a blacksmith to make a cooking plate with 100 hollows in and began making what were dubbed ‘little friars’.

The noise of the air escaping from the ‘little friars’ when they were cooking soon had people calling them ‘poffertjes’, ‘poffen’ meaning to ‘puff up’ in Dutch, and this delicious street food from Holland was born.

We have followed in this tradition by cooking our poffertjes on a specially commissioned cooking plate with the same 100 hollows.


We have a passion for great tasting food, made to traditional recipes.  ‘Foodies’ at heart we appreciate great quality food that tastes delicious – which is why we love our poffertjes, pronounced “poff-ett-yers”!  We are based in Harlow, Essex.  Follow us on Facebook to see where we’ll next be serving up our poffertjes or contact us to discuss your next event.



Fully insured, we have a 5 Star Hygiene Rating and are members of the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS).  We believe in being as sustainable as possible and use bio-degradable packaging.  We run off LPG gas, with low voltage LED lighting  event


We make our own batter so we know what goes in to it and can control its superior quality.  Our secret batter recipe was given to us by our Dutch friend Yolanda. For our main ingredient we use the best flour, close to our base in Essex, and also source many of our other ingredients for our special batter recipe from the local area.



For ‘poff-a-holics’ like us we sell everything to make poffertjes at home in a kit, including a non-stick poffertjes pan, batter dosing bottle and our own special recipe card.  Available to buy at any event we attend.  Check out our Facebook page to see where we are next.