Our menu includes 3 savoury options, all served on a bed of fresh seasonal salad, topped with a portion of freshly cooked poffertjes and either Gouda cheese  (called the ‘Rustic’), or honey roast ham (the ‘Amsterdammer’), or chorizo (the ‘Spaniard’).

We offer a choice of 7 sweet toppings, including lemon juice,  traditional creamy chocolate hazelnut sauce, and golden syrup, with whipped cream as an optional extra.

Seasonal sweet specials also prove popular – particularly our ‘Strawberry Deluxe’ with fresh sliced strawberries and the ‘Banoffee’, fresh banana and creamy caramel sauce.

Complementing our food we offer a range of hot and cold drinks, including tea or coffee, and hot chocolate, plus chilled organic sugar free elderflower or cola, and local still mineral water.

Lots of delicious choices suitable for events large and small.